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Welcome to the SCFireTraining.com learning community. This site, along with our social media accounts on Twitter, Face Book and Instagram are intended to be used to share training resources with the South Carolina fire service and beyond.


New to the site?

If you are new to the site, please create a free account with us. To access the topics within the site, an account is needed. This will also allow you to connect with other fire service professionals while exploring and enhancing your firefighting training experiences. (Accounts without activity over a year old are deleted)

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How to explore the site?

SCFireTraining.com is set up in fire training topics such as Safety, Ventilation or Behavioral Health. A list of topics is located on the right side of every page. You can also search topics through Course Categories or by clicking the book icon at the top of the page.

 Each topic has a “resource” course. Some categories may include additional courses as we add and populate the site.  Click the resource link and click the “Enroll me” button.  Enrolling assist us in determining the interest in the page and allows you to receive notifications when new content is added.

 Each resource page is laid out with the following sections:

  • Drill Night Drive-thru – quick company or department level training documents. These can be used for a quick session or for self-study.

  • Online Classes – This section contains links to online classes throughout the country in this topic. These classes usually provide a certificate or record of completion. *Separate logins and accounts will be required from the remote Learning Management Site.

  • Video Links – This section will contain links to training associated with the topic. The video resources will be on site such as You Tube, Vimeo, Vine, or other video content sites. *Your department or organization may block access to streaming media site, check with your system administrator if these links do not work.

  • Presentations – This section if reserved for submitted training presentations from our users. Typically created in PowerPoint, these programs are home grown department or station level training nuggets we all can learn from.

  • General Web Links and Other Resources -  This section is a repository of websites and publications available in this specific topic.

How to contribute

We need your contributions. Please click the Contribute tab and send web links, presentations, Drill Night Drive-thru and any other training resources you would like to share.

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